Contact Form by WD – responsive drag & drop contact form builder tool

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Contact Form by WD – responsive drag & drop contact form builder tool is a WP Plugin + Installer from the Open Source WP Plugins range Contact Form by WD plugin is a simple contact form builder tool, which allows the…

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Create simple contact forms or complex applications with this FREE and intuitive WordPress plugin. No coding knowledge is required.

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WordPress Contact Form Maker

WordPress Contact Form Maker is a simple form creator plugin, which allows the user with no knowledge of programming to create and edit different type of responsive website forms. The product is similar to the WordPress Form Maker using most of its functionality, whereas there are also some differences. If want to build advanced forms with various field types like Date, Time, Single choice, Multiple choice, etc., then you can use WordPress Form Builder.

The number of fields for the WordPress forms builder plugin is unlimited. You can add different types of fields, including inputs (e.g. e-mail, password, text area, text input and etc.), Captcha (as well as possibility of adding Google standard ReCaptcha), custom and standard buttons, as well as Map field.

This WordPress free form builder uses simple and easy to manage backend interface, thus the users who are not able to make code-level changes, will be able to make customization and changes using parameters. The drag and drop form builder allows you to choose from a number of options to get just the features you need. From simple one line form to a more complex email form for the site or conditional mailing form – the free responsive form builder is a perfect solution for every website.

The dynamic web form builder allows you to view and manage all form submissions. The WP form plugin stores submissions in your database for future reference.

This plugin will equally fit the needs of the novice and experienced developers and designers.


  • Intuitive tools
  • Custom HTML between the fields
  • Drag and Drop feature to re-order fields
  • Pagination
  • Section breaks
  • Custom email messages for admin and users
  • Detailed parameters for each field type
  • Data validation before submission
  • Conditional logic

Please note, that if you’re looking to add more complex, custom online forms with more field types, File upload field, Stripe and PayPal integrations, and many other premium features, you can use Contact Form Maker premium plugin, which is a more advanced tool.

Contact Form Maker WordPress plugin comes with pre-built templates, but in case you need custom forms, feel free to create your own from scratch. The form creation process with the plugin is quick and easy.

This WordPress plugin is a must have free form builder for any website. It allows you to share contact info like address, email, phone, etc., but also allows you to add email fields, making it possible for your users to leave their feedback and comments directly through email submit forms. Try this WordPress plugin today and create web forms free and easy!

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Privacy Notices

Contact Form Maker plugin does not collect and store any data of your users on Web-Dorado’s end. All data submitted by your website visitors is stored in your website database. With every form submission Contact Form Maker plugin collects users’ IP address and WordPress user ID for logged in users. From this perspective, you may be subject to GDPR compliance.

Contact Form Maker forms imply interaction between website visitors and website owner. As such you may publish forms that require input of Private data. You need to get explicit consent from your users to comply with GDPR. Under GDPR your users may request access and/or erasure of their entry data at any time. Here you can find how to export and/or delete submissions.

Contact Form by WD – responsive drag & drop contact form builder tool

descriptionContact Form by WD plugin is a simple contact form builder tool, which allows the…