Basic Plan

This plan allows you to create 10 WordPress Installers and deploy them on any amount of sites.

  • x10 WordPress Installer Packages

Unlock all Galleries

  • Unlock –  > Open Source WP Plugins
  • Unlock –  > Open Source WP Themes

Unlock Boilerplate Galleries

  • Unlock – Boilerplate > WP Boilerplate Plugins

Unlock 3 Premium Galleries

  • Unlock –  > Premium Language Plugins
  • Unlock –  > Premium Productivity Plugins
  • Unlock –  > Premium WP Themes

Unlock Premium Features

  • Unlock – Media Library with Image Editor

Human Support

  • Direct support via Contact Form
  • Direct support via the Forum
Open Source
WP PluginsUnlimited resources +10 saved WP Installers
Open Source WP Plugins
WP ThemesUnlimited resources +10 saved WP Installers
Open Source WP Themes
Premium Scripts
REW PluginsUnlimited resources +10 saved WP Installers
Premium Woocommerce Plugins
Premium Language Plugins
Premium Productivity Plugins
Premium WP Themes
API WrappersUnlimited resources +10 saved WP API Wrappers
Payment Service Providers
Software Development Kits
Plugin BoilerplatesUnlimited resources +10 saved WP Boilerplates
WP Boilerplate Plugins

$10 / month